Cracks In Time is a British-American children's live-action sketch comedy-drama series that makes parody segments to other media with, in addition to the main setting being live action, different animation formats such as traditional animation, CGI, stop motion etc. The series first aired on Cartoon Network in 2018. Cracks In Time is also a Disney show produced by Disney Television Animation and distribued by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. For this reason the producers of the show wanted the series, because of this, to be a separate article on the Disney wiki. So they promised they would include at least one Disney referenece per episode.

The main inspirations of the series included Monty Python's Flying Circus, Robot Chicken, MAD and The Amazing World of Gumball, all of which are examples of other media parodied in Cracks in Time. Later, however, Cracks in Time became a rival to Robot Chicken because many segments did not include any death or satire, as opposed to the black comedy Robot Chicken would often show in its parody segments.

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